How to Self Extract and Succeed-5 Ways

self restraintWhen was the last time you sat back and observed as others spun themselves round and round an issue or task?

We all have phases of greater and lesser relaxation or confidence.  Sometimes we feel in a steep growth curve, or have something to prove to someone. At times like this, it’s challenging to sit back and let go. But often, it is the best plan of action.

You know when things are in flow. When you feel this, it is easy to sit back and listen more than speak. You know you learn more when you listen and observe than during those times when you are so focused on your angle that you can’t possibly take anything in.

The best leaders know when to listen. They intuitively know when to offer advice and when to just hang back until the message is more likely to be heard.

5 Ways to Curb Your Urge to Overdo

Breathe – When I get focused on a mission, whether it’s a task, an idea or a relationship pursuit, I tend to get singularly focused. When channeled properly, this is tenacity.  When untethered, it can be annoying or even offensive. Best executions happen when things are allowed to marinate first, then proceed at a measured pace.

Business moves at the speed of trust – Human relationships are at the heart of every successful venture, whether personal or professional. Great things aren’t done alone. It takes time to build that trust and things need to move forward at a natural pace. Natural varies by individual. Hang back and learn what feels natural to others rather than rush.

Ready isn’t until it is – Just because you are ready, doesn’t mean the team is. Stand back and observe. Listen more than speak before launching ahead of what works for all involved.

Stop convincing – Persuasion is the result of character, not attempts to convince. If you consistently demonstrate empathy, hard work, insightful value, partnership, openness – then people will start to follow your lead without your asking for it.

You are not the axis of the universe – Some days it might feel this way. You might be the most invested in a project. You might know the most about it, may have invested the most time and feel most responsible for the outcome. However, we are all truly replaceable. If you get sick, or have to tend to a family member, or become unavailable for any reason, the world will keep turning and work will still get done. Maybe not your way and maybe that’s okay.


About Melanie M. Morris
Broker of Trust and Authenticity I'm really a sales executive, but I'd rather identify with these ideals rather than to simply say...I'm a seller.

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