7 Questions to Calculate your SAQ (Self-Awareness Quotient)

There’s nothing like travel to give you a heightened sense of awareness. Getting out of routine, out of your comfort zone, spending time in tight spaces with other people and sharing limited resources all have a role in teaching one how to get along with others. Perhaps the most valuable lesson that frequent non-pleasure travel has taught me is how to increase my tolerance of others.

Are people passing around you more often than keeping a comfortable distance from you?
HINT: Thorough fares are for passing through, not a parking zone. Don’t block passageways; be aware of them and find somewhere else to stand.

Are you often rushing?
HINT: Slow down. Ever notice how people in a rush seem unfriendly? Seriously, how much time does it take to hold the door open for the next person or say good morning on an elevator ride? Oftentimes the most efficient approach with tasks is the least effective way with people.

Do others describe you as a good listener?
HINT: Listen. A friend recently told me that one of her greatest strengths in the workplace is her ability to connect with people. When I asked her what specifically she attributed that connectibility to, she said she truly listens to others, rather than most people, who are just thinking about what they will say next.

Do people often seek your advice?
HINT: Advise on demand only . Some people want advice. Some people don’t. Some people think they do, but really only want their opinions validated, not altered. Resist the urge to share your wisdom with others who seem to “need” it. They’ll ask if they want to know. Never, ever advise on parenting unless you are discussing your own children exclusively.
You can always blog to indulge your need to advise. People choose to read it or not. It’s non-invasive.

Would you rather tell a story or hear one?HINT: Ask don’t Tell. If you spend more time asking questions, you will learn more. Telling reinforces what you already know. Asking opens your world to new information.

Do people share their secrets with you?
HINT: Be open. Let people know they can trust you by being trustworthy yourself. Posing is usually more obvious than not and it does not bond, it separates. If you are open with others, they are more comfortable sharing with you. It’s a natural human response.

Have you added at least 5 people to your personal Contacts in the past year or are you satisfied with your circle as is?
HINT: Mix it up from time to time. New people offer new perspectives. This will teach you about yourself in ways you won’t learn otherwise. You can’t know how flexible you are around others unless you increase the variety of your company.

Scoring yourself with a number on these questions isn’t necessary. If you read this, you want to learn. And that’s all that matters, because self-awareness is key to Sales and Networking Success.


About Melanie M. Morris
Broker of Trust and Authenticity I'm really a sales executive, but I'd rather identify with these ideals rather than to simply say...I'm a seller.

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