Got To Give The People What They Want – 5 Tips of this Trade

It happened again yesterday that someone didn’t believe my true age. While I’ll take all the compliments I can, there’s a sales and networking lesson here.

Be that guy – Be the person you’d most like to hang with. If that person is appealing to you, then emulate them. Within your means, dress like them, read up until you think like them, practice until you speak like them, observe and mirror.
Control Perception – Think of how FB works. People post happy news they want to share. Does that mean they don’t have problems? Of course not. Be strategic about sharing unappealing personal information. This is only appropriate for your most trusted inner circle.
Give affirmatives, not disclaimers. Forgive my redundancy for having used this example previously, but in a recent job interview, I was asked if I spoke Spanish. I answered in Spanish. Am I fluent? No. But the response I gave was impactful in the best way. Imagine the difference if I’d led with, “Well, to be honest, I’m not fluent, but…”
Accept responsibility – Relieve someone else’s burden. Everyone is looking to lean on others for something. If you can’t be the rock, be the friend. If you are a natural servant, then serve. Find the need and fill it.
Provide safety. Safety is a vital basic instinct. Similar to accepting responsibility, how can you make others feel safe? If you’re honest, then promote that. If you’re strength is detail, demonstrate that. Helping your customers mitigate risk is a crucial success measure is today’s business world. Tell them how you do this and then show them over and over.

He who gives to others will always be valued. Consider this insurance. Insure your future by making yourself a resource.


About Melanie M. Morris
Broker of Trust and Authenticity I'm really a sales executive, but I'd rather identify with these ideals rather than to simply say...I'm a seller.

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