Bad First Impressions Can Bond for the Good

morning sickness

Nobody said sales was easy – “I once had a new salesperson, and I was keeping track of her sales. One day she wasn’t answering her phone, so I called another AE to see what was up. My seasoned AE told me that the new rep thought I was going to fire her. I asked why would she think that? ‘Well, she’s been at the coffee shop this morning crying.’ I asked again, please tell me what she did. ‘Well, she was talking to one of our clients and didn’t feel well and she was nervous – so nervous that she threw up all over the front of him.’ I asked what she did after that, and she said ‘she apologized and ran out of his business.’ I went to my new salesperson and assured her that she wouldn’t lose her job. Then I went to see the customer, and found the owner rather amused. He said of all the sales reps he had ever seen, this was the first one that ever puked all over him. Thank God he was okay with it, and he is still a customer of ours. I found out that our salesperson was pregnant and wasn’t feeling so well that morning and I passed that bit of information on to him. He has since been through a few other salespeople and the standing joke is – ‘Are you sure my next sales rep is not pregnant?'”


About Melanie M. Morris
Broker of Trust and Authenticity I'm really a sales executive, but I'd rather identify with these ideals rather than to simply say...I'm a seller.

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