Connectivity – 8 Ways to Improve Your Quotient

Want to be more connectible?  Some thoughts on how you might go about that:

Share – Share yourself with people.  Have expertise?  Share it.  Have a personal story someone can relate to?  Share it.  Spend time with people.  Don’t always be in a rush when taking a moment to hold open a door might be appreciated.
Shun Perfection – Nobody wants to see your perfectness.  They want to see your flaws.  It makes them more comfortable and lowers guard.
Laugh at yourself  – Very important.  People like realness in others.  It’s a signal that they can be real with you.  I once had an ungraceful sneeze in front of a guy I’d just met.  The first gift he gave me was a box of Kleenex.  We enjoyed a good laugh and then dated for the next 9 months.

Never pose – Seriously who do you think you’re fooling?  I can smell a pose worse than the contents of that tipped over fridge in the kitchen after Katrina.  Instant credibility death.

Trust – The first sign that someone is trustworthy is when they give you their trust.  Take the lead here.  The converse speaks volumes.

Honesty – If you can’t give someone what they seek, say so and deal with the consequences.  Whether in business or personal matters, don’t overpromise and take the short term gain.  It will cost you later.

Relax – Your best self will not surface until you relax.  Do whatever works for you.  Exercise, meditate, listen to music, whatever your thing is.  Until you are still on the inside you won’t radiate calm on the outside.

Risk – Put yourself out there.  Own your mistakes.  One can’t progress without taking risks.  Try, act, decide, move, learn, speak, engage.  Your energy will surge.


About Melanie M. Morris
Broker of Trust and Authenticity I'm really a sales executive, but I'd rather identify with these ideals rather than to simply say...I'm a seller.

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