Be the Example To Set the Example

I learned this yesterday while in board member training for The Young Men’s Service League.   This community service organization exists for Mom’s to engage in community service alongside their high school aged sons, serving the dual purpose of community service and Mother/son bonding.

When I joined this group, like many others, I was selfishly thinking about shortcuts to college application for my son, not ways to serve our community, nor ways to spend time with my son, who decided I was not worthy when he was only a tween.  I quickly filled up his summer schedule with volunteer commitments that he could do while I was working.

Later, I was dismayed to learn that the mothers, not the boys, are the members of the group.  And that 50% of the service hours worked must be done as a mother/son team.

Yesterday, during National Training Day, I recruited my son to work a couple of easy hours.  He gave me the usual extremely unpleasant push back on the commitment, litany of questions as to what exactly he would be needed to do, how long the commitment, etc.  Until finally I told him if did not have helpfulness in his heart today, to please not come.  Zing.

Not only did he come, but he learned new things about the service of the group and how non-profits work in general.  And he shared this with me quite enthusiastically.

In the end, I reminded him how good he always feels when he volunteers, that service is a quality he respects in me and admires in his girlfriend and to please not put me through such resistance in the future.  I also told him that he is not an average kid from an average family, but rather a natural born leader and that is a talent that should not be wasted.

The power of persuasion.  The glow of a compliment.  Selling is a useful skill in every aspect of life, not just at the office.


About Melanie M. Morris
Broker of Trust and Authenticity I'm really a sales executive, but I'd rather identify with these ideals rather than to simply say...I'm a seller.

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