5 things you didn’t learn in kindergarten

There’s a popular book called, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  However, to optimize your chances of success, here are 5 things you probably did NOT learn there.

Talk to strangers:  The stories people have to share can be amazing.  Some of them have lived through hell and offer a sense of hope; others are clambering through life at the same pace as you and can offer fellowship.  You’ll never know unless you talk to those around you.  Make friends wherever you go.  Be genuine.

Network with others in your industry, even competitors:  It never hurts to expand your network.  You never know who you might want to hire, or who might have a job for you.  There’s a new way of doing business that has sprung from social networking.  Experts in any given field offer their expertise for free online and potential customers find their way to THEM. 

Count your blessings:  You must fill your spirit with gratitude, for from it springs positivity.  If you feel positive on the inside you will radiate it on the outside and people will draw to you. 

Study to improve your skills:  This will boost your confidence, improve your marketability and will anchor you to be comfortable as your environment changes around you.  You’ll think better on your feet.

Keep your head up:  The universe will speak to you through other people.  Remain aware of everything around you.  Develop a keen sense of intuition and follow that inner voice.  When people get on your nerves, remember you probably have that affect on others.

Note: This blog was inspired by Casey Cavalier, whom I’ve quoted in some of the above content.


What do Jon & Kate teach us about success?

With the media storm surrounding this poor couple, I’m repeatedly reminded of a principle rule of success, in both personal and business applications.

It is far more important to be well liked than to be capable.  Let’s review the details…

Jon was found with another woman.  Jon has moved more than 100 miles from his 8 children.  It’s not hard to find Jon publicly displaying affection for the other woman…granted he does have a convoy around him with cameras.

However, Jon appears to remain the victim in the public eye.  Why?

The court of public opinion has not typically ruled in Kate’s favor.  Kate is perceived as uptight, mean, critical, bossy, etc.  I’d challenge anyone to raise 8 kids and stay chipper and relaxed all day.  C’mon, she does somehow manage to keep them in 8 darling coordinated outfits, something I find a little amazing.  She also gets creative with low cost, low tech childhood diversions, something I highly respect.  Pudding body painting…clever.

But viewers tend to focus on her tense nature and notice every crooked glance she makes at her husband and they have labelled her a Cruella.  And the punishment for this behavior seems to have outweighed adultery.  Wow.

People skills rule in the workplace and in life.  If you are well liked, many more doors will open to you.  Some of the most capable and smart people never realize their potential because they focus more on being right than being liked.

Smile, be connectable, embrace your mistakes…they are teaching moments.