What’s in it for me?

The key to sales success is being able to shift your perspective to that of your audience.  And this is true in every aspect of your life, whether you are selling an early bedtime to your child, a raise to your boss or a widget to your customer.

The first step is to determine what the currency is to your audience.

If you are selling to a CEO, you’d better mention you can improve shareholder value.  And then be able to back it up.

If you are selling an idea to your boss, have a keen sense of his/her highest purpose.  If it is savings, loyalty, company reputation, find a way to show your need meets their need first.

If you are raising the bar on house rules for your child, you will have a greater chance of success if they are able to see the benefit to them…allowance bonus?…more peace in the house?

Always remember, currency is in the eye of the beholder.  It isn’t always defined in monetary terms.  But, find your audience’s currency, show how you deliver it and you will have the key to your sale.