NETWORKING…yes again…

“One connection will breed another if, in fact, you can help the person that you have connected with in some way. Help them and they will be inclined (if not compelled) to help you.”  Jeffrey Gittomer

This is the critical element in successful networking.  If you attend career networking groups, you already know that the unwritten rule is you seek to obtain leads/contacts and you are obligated to also provide leads/contacts.  This is why regular attendance is not only encouraged, but it’s bad form to not maintain. 

This is also why, once you land a job, you don’t just disappear.  Rather, you return for a final visit, usually with a dozen donuts, and share with the group the steps that led you to your landing.  And, ideally, you then act as conduit to additional job leads within your new organization.

The experienced networkers are easy to separate from the pack.  They will always ask, “What can I do for you.”

Networking can permutate into connections far beyond where you may have intended.  I met someone last week, seeking to cull contacts from him in my newest target sector.  When he found out that I’ve started a part time job doing lead generation, he suddenly perked up and said that he’d been seeking a provider of this service.  Not only did I bring him a solution I didn’t realize I had, he furthered my value to my new boss by suddenly becoming a new business lead.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an intimate networking group of entrepreneurs.  The beauty of this group is that it acts as an outsourced sales and marketing staff for each of its members.  For a reasonable membership fee, far less than the cost of adding a salesperson, every meeting these members have the chance to give a brief presentation of their business goals and communicate their ideal target market.  Immediately following that presentation, members volunteer those in their personal and professional networks that would be worthy prospects.  Bingo, fresh crop of leads to cultivate.

Additionally, there’s nothing that beats the feeling of doing a good deed for someone else.  Try it today.


About Melanie M. Morris
Broker of Trust and Authenticity I'm really a sales executive, but I'd rather identify with these ideals rather than to simply say...I'm a seller.

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